United Partners in Care, LLC

   Mission Statement:

United Partners In Care, LLC is dedicated to forming an alliance between potential and growth in individuals with disabilities by creating a shared experience within the individual and our team. 

Program Philosophy:

United Partners In Care, LLC believes professional friendliness and appropriate role modeling behavior creates a positive atmosphere for those with Developmental Disabilities to excel in order to reach their highest level of self-independence.   


“Thank you to those who take the time to listen to my difficult speech, For you help me to know that if I Persevere, I can be understood.
Thank you to those who never bid me to “hurry up” and take my tasks from me and do them for me, for often I need time rather than help.
Thank you to those who, with a smile, Encourage me to try once more. Thank you to those who never remind me that Today I asked the same question twice.
(Un-named Source)


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