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UCP of Greater Cleveland, founded in 1950, provides therapeutic intervention to children and has a successful history of offering both residential and work support services to adults. Work support services include vocational habilitation, integrated employment, group employment, adult day support/integration, adaptive/assistive equipment services and residential supports for adults with disabilities.  Our lifespan, truly individualized services offered by our experienced and caring staff are what set us apart.  

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Job placement services, 11-27-2019 08:27PM

By: Person Served in Lake county

Employment services have been great for me, They look for jobs the client is interested in and they look at what their skills are to find the right job for the individual, They help with filling out job applications they can go to the job interview and they can work on job interview skills before the interview to help the client feel comfortable when speaking to the interviewer. They provide job coaches and they can provide adaptive equipment if the client needs it at their job. They are kind and they are willing to help the client in anyway to make their job experience a successful one. I worked with a job placement supervisor and with the supervisor's help they were able to find a job for me.

UCP Employment Services, 11-27-2019 08:26PM

By: Person Served in Cuyahoga county

Have you ever felt like you’ve exhausted all resources and have nothing left to lose, decided to take a risk based on a gut-feeling or leap of faith and it paid off? Well, I have, it’s what UCP Oakleaf Partners Employment Services has been to me.
I really love being employed and the priceless opportunities it presents me, yet one job after the next, lasted no longer than six months. With each job, my recovery time took longer, I was left wondering what was wrong with me. I’ve heard a lot of “I’m sorry that happened”, “Honestly, most companies are way better than the places you’ve been”, “You’d make a great employee”, etc. I appreciate the well-intended empathy, but what I really need is an action plan that gets the results. With every job I was left feeling like unworkable talent and wasted potential. Every abrupt end of employment magically reopened all the wounds from similar past experiences, so intensely felt, I gasp for air, and the part of me that is tired of being a survivor begs to stop fighting because of the pain from another failed attempt.
It’s been a very raw experience that strips you of self-worth and hope, and by the fourth year of dealing with these toxic work environments I realized I needed professional help because I was stuck doing the same thing hoping to get a different result. And not just any professional help, but I needed someone that would be willing to really hear me and genuinely try to understand these mental “buckles.” I was tired of being perceived and judged as unemployable, lazy, a difficult person, moody, etc. If self-awareness is the first step, I’m there and I’ve tried getting to that second step a number of ways and times to no avail.
Working with UCP has been right for me, because they see me as a unique person with specific needs and encourage me to continue to be authentic. I understand my challenges what I fail to understand is how to overcome the obstacles. It has not been a picnic. It has been work and that’s an understatement. I see my personal limitations and I do not believe that they are fixed. I have faith in my recovery and resilience, and so, does my Job Coach.
The best way I can describe my experience is by drawing parallels to the story of the first time I played paintball. One team was in a fort that came with snipping towers, so my team was at a disadvantage. Needing to seize the fort without getting pelted was a valid concern. Off in the distance I see this employee dishing out advice, and no one cared to listen. Whereas, as an athlete I understood the home court advantage. I had the desire to listen to him. He guided me through, but I had to trust him. With his guidance, I avoided being detected by the enemy, maneuvered around poison ivy, and single-handedly seized the fort at point-blank and very quietly. I choose to trust the expert. I might have been able to pull it off by myself, but it was a lot easier trusting a trustworthy person.

Highly recommended employment services and support!, 08-19-2019 11:57AM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

This provider guide was not available when our son with Aspergers was trying to get support to find a job in the IT field. Although we thought we'd researched providers thoroughly, he had experiences that ranged from poor to acceptable with 3 other providers before we found UCP/Oakleaf. Since we had the prior experiences to compare it to, we cannot endorse UCP/Oakleaf's services and specialists enough! They were proactive - actually finding opportunities or pursuing leads for our son instead of only asking him to look at the online job sites and send in resumes. They accompanied him to an industry-related job fair and coached him on how to approach prospective employers. They walked him through mock interviews and offered any supports that could make him more comfortable in his job search. They were able to relate to him and talk frankly about things related to his career and job search. Ultimately, our son was offered a job from the job fair but did not want to disclose to his new employer so UCP/Oakleaf was not able to support him at work. I am sure they would have done an excellent job with post-placement if given the chance. (Fortunately, our son has been working at that full time job for over 2 years.) I recently attended a seminar where Oakleaf made an excellent and very knowledgeable presentation about their employment services. Based on our experience with them, everything they spoke about and said they do, is true!!


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