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Total Education Solutions (TES) provides innovative multidisciplinary education and therapeutic services in schools, homes, clinics, communities, and online to children and adults with special needs.

We offer our school clients services related to special education management, staffing, school governance, fiscal monitoring, professional development, IDEA compliance, and customized solutions.  At our family-centered clinics, we offer a variety of therapeutic services for children and adults with special needs, including those on the Autism spectrum.

Every decision we make is driven by our commitment to expand and improve services available to our clients. To accomplish this, we utilize a multidisciplinary approach in our trainings, treatments, and service delivery, encouraging our teams of experienced professionals to work together to create effective solutions and help individuals achieve their goals.



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Unprofessional, 08-24-2020 02:17PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

They don’t provide the service and the receptionist was nasty about it. Called three separate times spaced months apart to seek service. They were not polite in rejecting my family member as a client. The receptionist talked over me and used a very rude tone of voice when I tried to explain to her what I was looking for. She put me on hold for an extremely long time and came back to the phone with no answers and again rude tone and talked over me. Unprofessional and not actually providing the service- need to remove themselves