The Hope Homes of Richland County

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  • Melody Pitts

  • 770 Lexington Ave.
    Mansfield, Ohio 44907
    United States
  • Phone: 419-775-7695
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Awesome provider, 12-01-2020 10:11PM

By: Guardian in Richland county

The hopehomes of Richland county has taken great care of our family member
They are fulfilled every expectation we had for a provider
If you are looking for a great company who truly cares hopehomes will be a prefect fit for you and your loved one!

Staffing, 12-27-2018 06:46PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Richland county

This is not a reliable provider for our vulnerable loved ones. They are dishonest . The staffing they hire are questionable in appearance, behavior and abilities. Our home in which our son resides, was told this company would provide a van, as two of the men are wheelchair bound. It has been 6 months, and only on a rare occasion is there an accessible van provided. They promised to keep staffing, and now are cutting back the caregiver’s hours. He has been with our son for years and NOT ONCE has called off from his duties. He is safe and reliable. The staffing we have seen provided, is unreliable and questionable. Our son begs to not go back when we take him Sunday evenings. We would not recommend this provider. The owner is not truthful. There have been times that they cannot be reached by phone when there has been no staffing at the house! Unreliable and dishonest. No integrity.