Stuart Medical Services, Inc.

Our goal is to provide products and services that keep patients in the home. SMS provides Durable Medical Equipment including but not limited to:
  • Speciality support surfaces for the treatment of pressure ulcers and for conditions that lead to pressure ulcers
  • Standing frames that provide an alternative to wheelchair use by supporting the patient in a standing position
  • Sit-to-stand products
  • Specialty and bariatric hospital frames
  • Specialty shower chairs and hygiene lifts
  • Patient lifts and slings
  • Generators for powered medical equipment
  • Movement trainers
  • Activity chairs
  • Powered alternating air wheelchair cushions
  • Other patient assistive devices

We work only with superior products that are durable and time-tested, making sure your investment is the most cost effective.  Patients and their families are always included in the planning process, discussing various options and their advantages.  And upon delivery or installation, we educate them on proper use and maintenance.


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