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Stay at Home Modifications proudly serve the senior and disabled residents of Cuyahoga, Medina, Wayne, Summit & Lorain counties, as well as the businesses who wish to better accommodate those individuals. 

Our home modification products include handrails, hydraulic lifts, vertical lifts, ramps (aluminum and wood), walk-in bathtub, grab bars for the tubs, ceiling lift systems and many other safety focused items that will improve mobility, accessibility and overall QUALITY OF LIFE for your loved ones.

That's why Stay at Home Modifications exists, to be both a "one stop shop" (through our partner network of 1,600 unique categories, we can take on even the most complex mobility projects) AND a local, personalized Solution Provider that can uniquely tailor the strategy to the individual.

Please contact me directly at to schedule an appointment for a free estimate or call me at 216-815-5270 or 440-552-6888



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Bathroom remodel gone way wrong, 05-25-2023 11:52AM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

This company was horrible to work with. They were hired to do a bathroom remodel to make accessible for our daughter. The contractor never once showed up at the date or time he said. When he did show up, he built a wall that wasn’t square, which in turn made the shower install come out crooked. When he put in the pedestal sink she left the pipes just hanging out of the wall. Was very ugly and I promise you he wouldn’t have done that to his own house. Every single thing he did, my husband had to go back to correct.
I emailed the owner to let her know of all the problems and never received so much as a call to talk about how screwed up this whole job was.
Would NEVER recommend this company to any other family.

vehicle modifications, 08-26-2019 10:20AM

By: Mother of Person Served in Delaware county

Our family is so thankful to Jennifer Ross for her help this summer. We were needing to get a new vehicle for our family to use but also for our daughter (who is in a wheelchair) to potentially drive some day. Jennifer helped us every step of the way. She was quite knowledgeable and shared this with us, sometimes over and over because we would forget little details. I would recommend her to anyone who feels alone in their search for help. She was an excellent gatekeeper as well, always willing to make the extra phone call or to keep everyone involved in the loop. We can't thank her enough.

Exceptional support & service, 07-17-2019 01:30PM

By: Person Served in Cuyahoga county

I was in the market for a van conversion to add a ramp to my vehicle for my daughter who uses a wheelchair. Jennifer Ross provided exceptional support and service as I navigated the complex field of vehicle conversions. With years of experience in the mobility industry, Jennifer presented all of my options in selecting a conversion that best fit my unique family situation. She guided me each step of the way from selecting my conversion options, choosing a manufacturer, and delivery of my converted van. Jennifer's passion for helping others, her work ethic, and expertise are unparalleled. I highly recommend to anyone searching for a quality vehicle conversion at reasonable price.