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They are a full service agency, 02-16-2021 06:26PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

This agency has assisted my child from the beginning. From transportation during a pandemic, ensuring health & safety, to getting them to work, ensuring that they are socializing and communicating the responsible way to work and be safe within their communities. My child was worse when they were stuck at home due to the anxiety of not being able to get out and see others. Sangomas fixed all that, they were able to meet new friends, has different staff for transportation, residential and vocational. I would recommend this agency to any other parent.

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Sangomas Takes It to the Next Level, 03-16-2020 03:22PM

By: Sibling of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

Through every step of the way, Sangomas was there. Their staff and services are outstanding. They treat their clients like Family! They are true to their name. Sangomas provide comfort and healing to their clients and families. I highly recommend their services and commend their excellent staff.

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Loving home care services, 03-16-2020 03:21PM

By: Guardian in Cuyahoga county

This team offers quality care in the comfort of the individuals homes. The company ensures that their staff are utilizing community inclusion within the communities the participant lives in as it is requested. They are also great advocates for their clients. The owners have over 30 years combined experience in direct care, residential services, vocational training, client rights and guardianship. We are comfortable and at ease with their care.