Riverside Training Industries (RTI) Inc.

Adult Day Support (ADS) helping a person attain and maintain their maximum potential through a variety of supports. 
These include opportunities to contribute to the community in ways that are meaningful to you. Our goal as a quality service provider is to be person driven and community minded.

Group Employment Support positions pay at or above minimum wage. Allows a person who wants to explore working in the community a chance to try different jobs in business setting with the support of a supervisor from RT.

Vocational Habilitation is intended to assist in gaining skills needed to obtain employment in the community. A time limited service that can benefit job seekers and those who want to learn more about work.

Individual Employment Support or Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities aids a person with obtaining & maintaining employment.

Non-Medical Transportation (NMT) is offered to and from day services as well as employment!

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