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Guardian of Ward, 12-30-2019 04:48PM

By: Guardian in Medina county

My ward has had similar experiences as the individual that posted in May 2019. The HPC portion of the program is weak, at best. And the best, qualified providers leave due to being treated poorly. Turnover is very high with no workable transition plan. Additionally, transportation is poor resulting in missed appointments with no show fees assessed to my ward.
I have also tried to address the situation with the individuals that have the decision-making authority to correct the situation without results. Action plans that are put in place to correct problems are not followed through with leaving my ward at a significant disadvantage.
However, the company's work enclaves are fantastic, at least the enclaves that my ward has participated in. I would recommend any of the enclaves as a potential work environment and would rate the enclaves with 5 stars. The HPC portion of their program would be awarded 1 star with the potential of great improvement, if they so choose, resulting in the overall program with 3 stars.

Big Picture, 11-20-2019 07:44PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Medina county

I have been incredibly happy with services at Medina Creative Accessibility. Things are NOT perfect, and there is room for growth but the issues that I see within MCA are industry wide. I have a lot of connections with other agencies and friends that get services elsewhere and I am confident that Medina Creative Accessibility offers services far beyond what any other agency can offer. Throughout my time at MCA I have seen them strive to make my family member feel worthy and loved, and to increase their quality of life. My family member is not easy to work with but the staff work hard to try different methods and they continue to give valuable services. The patience and love the staff have for what they do is evident and as a family member THAT is immeasurable. MCA is creative and innovative in the development of their programming and in their houses are beautiful!! I have had nothing but good interactions with the staff and cant believe some of these reviews that I have read.

Family Member in Medina County, 09-11-2019 07:47PM

By: Guardian in Medina county

I have a family member that receives services from Medina Creative Accessibility and quite frankly when I read some of the negative reviews I cannot imagine they are describing the same agency. I have experienced a very caring group of individuals that really work hard so that individuals with disabilities can live independently. I see them challenging people to be a better person in their community every day. I see people interacting with their neighbors that have a wide range of disabilities, yet they get along, are friendly with each other and regularly at activities having fun and discussing their daily lives. They talk about going to work. They meet to go places together. They shoot baskets. I see them at activities at the square where all the community gathers interacting and belonging. I see them at the movies and in the grocery store. Sometimes you can tell they have trained workers with them but other times they seem to be working together just like any friend would. I have seen incredible development in my family member’s social skills and I have seen others flourish. It seems Medina Creative serves a range of people with some disability whether it is physical or their aptitude. Whether I have witnessed them in their living area or in the community I see people happy in their lives and people around them that seem to really care about them. I hear them talk about struggles like everyone else and also laugh and have fun. The staff appear to be well trained and caring. I give them 5 stars because there are not more to give. If you have a friend or family with a disability, I would encourage you to talk with someone at Medina Creative and hopefully your friend or family will benefit as greatly as we have. Quite frankly, I have seen other provider agencies and independent providers interacting with people living near my family member and in the community i.e. sleeping on the job, on their phone not watching their consumer, etc. There is no perfect agency or provider, and to say otherwise, is simply untrue. However, I for one, would not entrust my family member’s care to any other provider of care than Medina Creative Accessibility. They truly care and show this in so many ways to my family member each and every day.