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We felt a responsibility to share our experiences with other families, 05-13-2019 04:41PM

By: Guardian in Medina county

PLEASE do NOT trust your loved one to MCA. They say & promise all the right things but the reality is multiple clients have been injured/harmed while in their care; we even heard one client had to be life-flighted & placed on life support days before changing agencies. Go to to see past compliance reports but keep in mind while DODD requires all incidents be reported, in our case, MCA typically did not so what you see is likely a fraction of what actually occurs. MCA's official response is training but in reality, there is no accountability or follow up to ensure issues have been corrected so they are repeated. Management admit they simply “trust their staff”. Yet, it is very common for clients to be left on transportation up to 1.5 hours when their provider never shows up, meds not being administered or being administered incorrectly jeopardizing client health, clients not being taken to critical appointments, personal funds not logged/going missing, clients being placed in unsafe situations, and families regularly expected to assume care for their family member on a moment’s notice despite MCA committing to provide 24/7 care.

As seen by their online job description, unlike other agencies, MCA does not even require their providers have a high school diploma or GED resulting in a much lower quality workforce. As a result, & with complaints of poor management support (kununu or, employee turnover is so high standard procedure is to wait several months to see if staff stay on board before completing training. Without proper training, staff are unable to provide the required care putting the client at risk & staff in a no-win situation. Focused simply on filling shifts in the face of a perpetual staffing shortage, management does not reassign staff when found unsafe/unable to perform care, nor fire them after repeated no call/no shows &/or leaving their client unattended. Staff quickly burn out after management requires them to regularly fill in for empty shifts or stay on well after their shift ends when co-workers never show up. Our quality staff refused to stay.

Management was neither receptive to our concerns nor open to admitting anything needed changed, instead claiming the problem was with us & our expectations. Instead, we were told by multiple staff that our situation was not unique & we were just one of many families leaving. When we shared our experiences with other agencies, they said they heard similar things from other families leaving MCA & were shocked & dismayed by what they heard.

Our new agency holds high requirements/expectations for staff, select a qualified team, ensure they are fully trained (within our first week) & have policies in place to both support staff & hold them accountable. They support staff, offer competitive benefits & are rewarded with impressive retention rates. Everything is handled thoroughly & professionally. We know our loved one is safe & well-cared for. You deserve the same.

Parent of Special Needs Adult, 03-25-2019 07:58PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

My son attended Medina for a year and a half. The place is beautiful, however, the staff is not trained well for moderate needs. The program gives no communication with parents and the transportation was constantly late (sometimes up to an hour and a half). I finally pulled my son out once I went on a field trip with the day program and saw how unprepared they were. They did not know that the clients could not eat their lunch at the event, where to park their bus downtown, and finally their credit card was denied and the clients were not able to participate in the activities.