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L.A.D.D. annual review of services, 07-16-2018 11:49AM

By: Mother of Person Served

Our son uses the Community Connections day program services from LADD once a week. This includes time spent doing monthly planning of outings or service projects and then going to those outings. It is a small group of 5-6 men with similar interests / age, with one social guide-driver. The group agrees on what to do. The list of agreed outings is summarized in a monthly calendar and emailed ahead of time to members as a reminder. Our son enjoys his "independent" time with this group and even uses his own computer to investigate, research and recommend new places to go. However, there have been times when the group arrives at an outing site and the person they intended to meet is not there, or the place is closed, so they have to scramble to find something else to do. So I would recommend they do a better job of confirming before they go. Our son is a person who likes to know exactly what is going to happen and change or being flexible is not one of his strong traits. This is the only reason for the rating of 4 instead of 5. Otherwise our son is having a lot of interesting and fulfilling days with this group. As a member of this group he has been exposed to lots of activities that we would not have known about and in some cases he is challenged to do/learn something new. We know he is safe and having fun and this also give us as caregivers a short respite time each week.

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