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At Ease!, 05-30-2018 01:11PM

By: Mother of Person Served

After a long process of trying to find the right fit for my son we stumbled on Threshold. My SSA had told me after several tours of different day programs/employment settings and feeling frustrated that when I find it I will know it. And that was exactly the case with Threshold! When I walked into other places I just knew it wasn't a fit for my son, but when we toured here I knew immediately! It was exactly what would work for him. Every employee we have come in contact with has been so helpful, encouraging, thoughtful, and so kind! I never felt like they were "selling" us their product like I did with others. Transportation has been great and timely, and in very few times when something has caused there to be a delay they always notify us. I can't say enough good things about Threshold, I recommend them every chance I get!

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