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Mother in Delaware, 03-16-2020 02:12PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Delaware county

We had Independent Beginning , he promised you everything in taking care of my daughter . It turned out he could not provide care . What care he did provide was at best not good , the girls stayed on there phone all the time , my daughter would be setting right next to them and I would have to say hey she's talking to you . This man will tell you everything you want to hear and you think this is going to be so good , don't believe anything he said all he wants is to get you to go with them and then you get a very big disappointment

Professional and efficient, 12-17-2019 05:50PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Delaware county

Independent Beginnings is currently providing a home health provider to assist our daughter with life skills, safety issues and social needs.

We were honestly very nervous about using a provider after some past experiences. But the director assured us he has our best interests in mind, and that he picks good people who work hard to fill our needs. And so far, he's definitely done just that. We are super picky about the people we allow to watch our daughter, and he found a mom who is perfect for our daughter. She's done everything we've asked and more, is extremely engaging (i.e. not just sitting on her phone 24/7) and we don't have to micro manage.

I never have a problem reaching the director if we needed help or had questions (and poor guy - we've had a whole lot of questions). And so far he's been very pleasant and accommodating. After spending months and months looking for a provider unsuccessfully, we are incredibly relieved! Time will tell how it goes from here - I'm still cautiously optimistic - but so far we are very impressed.