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Awesome, 12-13-2017 07:26PM

By: Person Served in Medina county

Have used their services for over 2 years. I wouldn’t be able to work without them.

This company disrespects people with disabilities, 09-13-2017 05:14PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Medina county

Does anyone have a disabled child with the Medina Board of Disability? Do not accept Ellis Michael as your transporter. For more than 2 years, they have not showed up at all, showed up very late, or too early. No phone calls, only excuses and blaming their clients, who are disabled. Their vehicles break down, so no up to date safety checks before driving our loved ones around. My daughter has been accused as the one being the problem. She is the one who calls, and makes sure to go out of her way to be outside waiting for them, even an hour in advance. The staff at the board of disability pay this company, and there is no way to talk to them, because they speak over you, and say you are arguing when they dont want to hear your complaint, or asking them for an explanation. They have no respect for their clients or family of their clients. I have had enough. If I could sue them, I would.

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NOT HAPPY, 08-31-2017 03:03PM

By: Person Served in Stark county

First of all I've had many other company's I've ridden with being usually the same one. My first couple times haven't been a very good experience for me. I feel there was a tone of rudeness from some of the employees on the other end of phone. I would have to say my second driver that took me back home was at least pleasant to be around out of 3 other people I dealt with it took the fourth one to treat me decently! I don't know if there's a scheduling but leaving a person who is I'll to wait for an hour is ridiculous. I've never had that happen with any other company before who took me & picked me up from the exact same place. If I am able to figure it out I will not use your company again & the many people I know who also get their rides thru insurance co. I will let them know not to use you as well. Just think about if u didn't feel well at all & we're really sick would u want to wait in a freezing cold waiting room for an hour or more. Also being sick would u want to get ready earlier because no one calls to tell u what time they're coming to pick u up so u go by the super early time u were given by the ins. co. Which because of not bothering to call the ride didn't get there until 45 minutes or so after ghe time you've gotten ready. I hope u from nd a better way to do all this. Contrary to what u might think, we do have other ride options. I'd think about this because I'm not the only one complaint about this other are too! Sorry but it's best u know this than not know how bad it truly is!