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East Side Day Academy participants learn skills needed for life, including academic, vocational, interpersonal, communication, health, safety, and daily skills.  Academy staff teach people to use local resources and develop relationships in the communities where they live, work, and play.  Set on the eastern edge of Cincinnati, we serve people from Hamilton, Clermont, Butler, and Brown Counties.  Transportation is available. 
We provide services in every type of residential setting, whether it be in a family home, in an around-the-clock setting, or in a limited scope.  We serve children and adults, either in your home or in respite settings.  We provide excellence in everything we do.  Families and individuals are encouraged to interview staff and "try" staff out until a great match is found!  Back-up staff are always available to ensure needs are met and flexibility is available. We love helping people explore interests, meet new people, and become connected to their communities.  


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They treat him like family!, 04-16-2018 02:01PM

By: friend

They've never missed a shift and even show up just to say HI when he's sick and doesn't need help. They call and check in and take him to places they know will interest him! Friendly and just AMAZING