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We work closely with individuals and their loved ones to discover and understand their unique combination of  aspirations, goals, strengths, and dreams.  Utilizing our experience and expertise, we design and provide a constellation of services to support people to achieve their life goals. 

“Every hour of every day we ask our staff to support vulnerable individuals. This support presents itself in a variety of shapes, whether it is in homes, day time program structures, employment supports, or through administrative duties.

The legacy of our mission raises more than a few eyebrows. Consider that more than two-thirds of our current employees weren’t even born when Dungarvin began and that children of Dungarvin alumni are currently part of our staff compliment. Over the next forty years, we will continue a laser focus on respecting and responding to the choices of the people we serve.”

- Tim Madden, founder; reflecting on Dungarvin's forty plus years of service

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