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  • John Madachik

  • 3223 Perkins Ave.
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    United States
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Is CTS reliable?, 09-11-2019 07:30PM

By: Guardian in Cuyahoga county

Contract Transport System should be rated as a one-star company. The one star is only because the drives that have driven and picked up K. They were very polite, courteous and very respectful and that is where it ends.

We were with CTS for approximately 18 months. They were often late, at times arriving up to 90 minutes late. Reasons given, vehicle broke down, driver on vacation, stuck in traffic and so on. The dispatcher at times would call before pick up stating they would be unable pick up client.

Last summer, especially on the hottest days, the air conditioner wasn’t on or either not working. The vehicle per the driver had 200,000 miles on it. Excuses were plentiful.

The return trips were often the same. Returning home late with various times.

Twice, recently it was requested that a supervisor return my call. Was such a call received? NO.

To us, the only consistency of CTS was being inconsistent.

Again, a thank you to the individual drivers that did transport K.

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Great NMT Provider, 09-26-2018 05:54PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

CTS is a grade A transportation provider. They have provided wheelchair transportation to & from my son's day program for six years. We have meet several drivers and they are all courteous and helpful. Scheduled arrival times are dependable. If traffic or unexpected circumstances occur, the driver will let you know that the route is running late. The vans and wheelchair support equipment are clean and in good working condition. CTS has some of the nicest / newest vans on the road and they proudly display the CTS logo. The scheduling staff is fabulous - more than willing to be flexible and go the extra mile to accommodate changes in schedule. Definitely, one of the top wheelchair transportation providers in the Cleveland area.