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Concerns regarding HPCP Vetting issue and Advice on Disclosure to the SSA, 05-21-2018 02:17PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Delaware county

In January 2018 the agency sent over a perspective HPC provider to interview. All went well during the interview for the first 45 minutes. Without asking any questions which would elicit the information offered by the perspective provider, I listened for another 60 minutes and was provided information by the perspective employee that was disconcerting. Since I had no way to confirm the accuracy of the information divulged by this potential HPC provider, I was unable to divulge to the owner what I learned. Again,since I could not divulge the information shared in the interview with the owner/operator of the company, I will not divulge the specifics of the information in this forum. I sent the following email to the owner of the company. "....Based on that interview, I have determined that it is best to continue the search for a new HPC provider. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss any information I may have acqured during the course of my interview with XXXXXXX. While I will not be selecting XXXXXX to provide the HPC services to XXXXX, I am willing to continue to work with your agency to obtain a suitable candidate. Let me know if you wish to continue your candidate search to find a match for XXXXX. " The next day the owner/operator responded, "I am very sorry to hear you had a problem with XXXX.. She seemed very qualified & experienced to me! We will utilize her elsewhere. After evaluating the situation, we are respectfully declining any further search efforts for another HPC provider. We wish you & XXXX all the best in the future!!" I opted to seek out the services of another agency and I must say this has been a postive experience. I will be providing a review of the agency I did find using this forum .

Prior to the interview with the potential HPC provider, there was one other email from the owner/operator of this agency which raised a flag for me. In response to an exchange of information with the SSA regarding what activities would be covered while the HPC provider was accompanying the client, the owner wrote, "Honestly, in the 14 years I have worked with SSAs in the DD field I have never seen anyone drill down into that level of detail?? If I can provide a little bit of advice just between me and you: when communicating with SSAs less information is better! Don’t volunteer any additional information and only provide what is specifically asked. Each SSA is different in how they apply the DODD guidelines. Apparently, XXXXis a stickler for details!!...."

I believe that when in doubt and when entering as a new parent to adult services, I think it is vital to be transparent to ensure that we are in compliance with the DODD guidelines. If there is an issue regarding interpretation, I think it is appropriate for the DOOD as well as the county board to address these issues to ensure the rules apply equally to all recepients of services. It is with this exchange of information that we can make services better for all.