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CEFA understands the importance of a meaningful career. Our management team has over 70 years of experience in assisting individuals with different abilities in achieving their goals. As an Employment First provider, you or your loved one are eligible to receive the following services:
  • Resume support
  • Work Skills Training and assessment
  • Job Coaching/Follow-along job coaching
  • Mock interviewing
  • Travel training
  • How to dress for success
  • Assistance with benefits analysis
  • Interpersonal communication coaching
  • Work site analysis and adaptation.
You can expect a caring and experienced job coach who undergoes annual training to better serve your specific needs, and a team that listens to, and sets goals around your person centered plan. You can also expect a team that understands the challenges of the community work environment, while putting the safety, care and welfare of all work employees as a priority.

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5 of 5 from 8 reviews.

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Job Coaches, 09-30-2019 10:59AM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

CEFA has been wonderful to work with. You can tell they are really passionate about helping those with disabilities find employment. They helped my daughter with career exploration to see what type of work she would be suited for and that she would enjoy. They provided job coaching for her until she felt capable and comfortable at her job in an office. An excellent/positive experience working with CEFA!

Job Coaching Excellent, 08-22-2019 10:23AM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

My son has used job coaches from CEFA for his last two jobs. At his first one at Romeo's pizza he had someone with him for the full 3 hour shifts for several weeks before they weaned him to be able to do it on his own. They worked with him to make sure that he was comfortable before only spending an hour or so each shift until the coaches felt like he could handle it alone. Most recently he had a temporary job at the Browns Training Camp that was a full day. The coaches rotated regularly but they were all so attentive making sure that my son knew how to get clocked in properly and stayed with him after the shift was over until he was picked up by me or another family member. One day when he wasn't feeling good the coach called me to talk it through to see what steps he needed to take to make sure my son was ok. Working with everyone at CEFA was extremely easy and I am very grateful that they took such good care of my son. We will always try to use this resource for any new job that he undertakes.

Not enough words..., 04-26-2019 01:56PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Cuyahoga county

I wanted to write about the terrific job CEFA did in finding our daughter employment. From the 1st day we met to discuss her desire to find a job, I knew they were totally dedicated to helping their consumers find a job in the community, and would go above and beyond in accomplishing this goal. They spent time with our daughter in finding out where she would like to work, what her skills were, helping her with her resume, training on how to do a good interview, etc. Shortly thereafter they made arrangements with her to interview for a job at Market District. She got the job and she loves her job duties. She has learned so much, thanks to her job coaches Dominic and Andrew. They were amazing...They were there for her during her work schedule until they felt comfortable that she could handle the responsibilities herself. I have only good feedback from our daughter's co-workers and her supervisor (s) at Market District. This job has given our daughter self confidence, a sense of responsibility, community inclusion, self worthiness and she loves the fact she gets a paycheck so she can afford to live independently. I can't thank CEFA enough for the absolutely great job they and their staff have done to help our daughter!