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dealing with difficult individuals, 11-28-2018 07:08PM

By: Community Member in Franklin county

As a new organization goes, CG-HHC is a good company that cares for those that they service. I adore my staff that has been placed in my home. they are diligent and work well. I have no concerns that they did not receive appropriate training.

A new company needs time to establish itself- there will always be issues that arise with all agencies new and old, well established ones.. no one is perfect.. never will be.

I for one, am pleased with what I have encountered so far..

Thank you for taking care of us!

Communication lacking., 11-21-2018 05:05PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Franklin county

Multiple emails to agency in a short period of time with poor to no results for client. Client confusion was observed by family and lead to multiple emails to right the confusion with poor results mainly just no response from agency.

Transportation was not forthcoming as it had been discussed at meeting prior to signing on with this agency.

Agency merger with out-of-state agency communicated to client and families via a printout mailed to homes. No verbal contact, verbal notification or explanation given. Minimal time given to families to chose/attend a meeting from 3 consecutive days offered in relatively short period of time. No further introductions offered to families unable to attend and what small amount of transportation that had been in place was pulled from client.

Repetitive listing of client's schedule throughout the year exacerbated levels of frustration for family and confusion for client.

When client became ill in the spring, staff did not take the initiative to have client call family. Did not interact with client at all or offer any direction for client to get aid/assistance. Very sad experience that lessened trust of agency. That would make me consider what training is offered by agency to their staff. A reminder to client would have put all minds at ease and gotten aid sooner.


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