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Bad experiences, 01-03-2019 06:11PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Delaware county

Today after having this company staff my son for the last month we are canceling our services because the staff didnt show up and this is not the first time in less then a month, there is a serious lack of communication for this company ...ebnoy informed us that rose does the schedule and when i contacted rose today she told me that ebnoy was to do that ..
The person who was to staff my son decided to go home and when my son contacted him as to why he never showed he informed my son that he was drinking and didnt want to drive that far when drinking ...
That is not something that should ever be tolarated when in this line of work ...
I dont feel that this company cares about the needs of my son nor the other person they where to staff today rhat noone showed up for her either but rose assumed that they where being staffed today she had no idea until i told her that there was no one there to staff either person your research before you decide on this company
State complaint will be filed on the 2nd of jan


By: Mother of Person Served in Franklin county

My son is 31 years old and has had multiple service companies over the years. I first met both the owners of this agency from their previous employment. I had been waiting for years for them to start their own agency. I can not say enough positive things about these two women and the staff they employ. They aren't just an agency, they are family!!! And as such they treat every individual with compassion, respect, kindness and love. They place the needs of the individual and their families as top priority. I've known and had them working with my son for close to 20 years now. I can't imagine our lives without them or the wonderful staff they employ. Needless to say I hate to think where my son would be without them advocating on his behalf more times than I would like to say. And yes, they have been right there for me many times, talking me down off of the ceiling, as ALL of us with loved ones with special needs know all to well dealing with various agencies or even the loved ones at times.

I thank these two incredible women and ALL their staff from the bottom of my heart!!