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  • Alysa Croxton

  • 5960 Glenway Ave
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
    United States
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Unprofessional, unpleasent, can't deliver what they say they can., 12-11-2019 03:09PM

By: Mother of Person Served in Hamilton county

We were not pleased with this experience at all and ended it after a short period of time. During the time we were with them, we encountered staff who were rude, reported to work late, spoke very loudly, unprofessional, under-trained or simply not qualified for this position. Staff would report to work with unnecessary items needed for this position. Staff would report for their shift and leave early without giving any notice. Staff were slow to change their actions when confronted. Staff spent too much time on their cell phones and often used profanity when speaking loudly while on their phones. Staff would play offensive music during their shifts. Staff could not perform various duties required and did not respond appropriately to suggestions of the care required and responded with complaints that were unfounded. Management was slow to respond and we experienced unprofessional attitudes when confronted. We were told to be patient when we were uncomfortable with staff to be replaced. With the lack of qualified staff and the quality of services provided, we began to seek other agencies to provide trained staff for the level of care which is necessary.