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Horrible! Don't ever bother!, 04-25-2019 05:45PM

By: Guardian in Cuyahoga county

If you are a family member of a person with disabilities, I highly recommend you never consider A Better Community.

I am a landlord who leased a house to clients serviced by A Better Community. visited my property multiple times during the course of a lease that lasted almost 18 months. Every time I went into the house, I saw that the clients were living in filth while the care takers were sitting on their butts, usually watching TV. The house was neglected terribly on the inside and it was worse on the outside. The City came out multiple times and issued warnings and citations. The grass was not cut and left to grow over 12" long. I called and wrote to Gayle Murphy at A Better Community and insisted that she had the grass cut and the yard maintained, but she did not. The care takers did not bother to put back the garbage cans after the trash was collected and A Better Community paid multiple tickets as a result, yet the care takers never learned and obviously, leaders at A Better Community did not do their job to ensure the yard was kept up.

A Better Community employees did a horrible job maintaining the inside of the house, too. As I mentioned, the disabled clients lived in filth, even though I complained to Gayle Murphy at A Better Community. When they finally vacated the house and I came to inspect it, I found the side door open over one foot, the front door was unlocked, windows were open, all the ceiling fans were running, and the furnace was set at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Two kitchen cabinets were broken, the newer kitchen counter was damaged (probably from heat), ceiling fans were broken and filthy, the toilet tank cover was broken, the solid wood side door was split and lock and deadbolt and side door storm door were broken, the floors and carpet were filthy, the basement was filthy, garbage was thrown in the back yard, garbage left in the front yard, garbage left in the garage, walls, doors, and trim were dirty, the furnace filter was filthy, and the heat registers and cold air return covers were dirty. Further, there was a very large area of the driveway, next to the side door, that was filthy with grease. This was not from a car that leaked oil, since the grease was very close to the door and not in the center of the driveway. It became clear to me that baking grease was being thrown out the door and onto the driveway.

During my multiple visits to the house, I never observed employees of A Better Community doing any activities or providing any type of mental stimulation to the clients. One client, who didn't speak English when he moved into the house, was supposed to be taught some English. He never said "hello" or any English words to me whenever I came into the house. Obviously, he wasn't taught a basic "hello," let alone other English words.

If you have a loved one who needs service, I strongly recommend you never consider A Better Community.